The Salamander Oasis Trust

The Salamander Oasis Trust was set up after the Second World War to collect, edit and publish poems written by servicemen of all nations during the 1939-1945 War. Since its inception, the Trust has collected more than 17,000 Second World War poems and published five anthologies of poetry.

Some sample poems from the Trust collections are reproduced on these pages, along with news and essays about the Trust.

Victor Selwyn's essay, Looking Back at Oasis gives the background to the Oasis story.

28 October 2012: "Return to Oasis", about the Salamander poets, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 1630 GMT.

17 May 2012: The Salamander Oasis Trust regrets to announce the death of Colin McIntyre, Oasis poet and the last editor of the Trust.

Featured Poem

1 August 2010
Stane Jock
W.H. Burt
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Poems appearing on these pages are reprinted by kind permission of the Salamander Oasis Trust. These poems are protected by copyright, and permission to reproduce must be obtained in writing from the Trust.