Stane Jock

W.H. Burt

For the glory of the Highland Division on the night of 23 October 1942.

Atween the mune an' the yird
	There is quick steel:
Atween the steel and the yird
	There is quick stane!
The man-trap field is fu' o' men
	Walking saftly.
The man-eating mandrakes scream
	As they bite.
The stane Jock o' Beaumont Hamel
	Is fa'en doon.
There's nae mair pipes in France --
	Nae mair sweet croon.
But this nicht stane Jock,
	Walks in the sand!
This nicht I hear the pipes,
	I hear the band!
There's nane deid but his dead e'en
	Glower at the west.
There's nane living but stepping hard
	Towards the west.
For the stane fa'n in France
	Here rises a living stane --
For the mindin' o' men killed
	Here rises a killing stane!
Yon pinke'ed craw, the mune
	Sees a field o' strange plants --
Fire and sand fused glassily
	Into flowers on a wall.
An' the wa' is o' stane,
	An' the wa' walks
Covered wi' red flowers --
	A stane striding to destiny!
Gallus laddies a'l
	Stanes o'destiny!
Stane Jock in the mantrap field
	Walking saftly.
W.H. Burt
From Oasis into Italy -- Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd (1983)