Featured Poems

1 August 2010
Stane Jock
W.H. Burt

10 February 2008
Steel Cathedrals
Dirk Bogarde

26 November 2007
God of the Flies
John Rimington

22 July 2007
George Sutherland Fraser

28 November 2006
Lili Marleen
Hans Leip

17 April 2006
Portrait and Background (extract)
James Walker

10 April 2006
Horse Transport
Colin McIntyre

03 April 2006
Italy to Austria
Robin Ivy

27 March 2006
Drummond Allison

20 March 2006
War Dead
Gavin Ewart

28 November 2005
Ali Baba Moorshead

21 November 2005
Before El Alamein
Ronald E. Bee

14 November 2005
The Ghosts
John Waller

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