Edward Lowbury

1913 - 2007

A published poet before the War, Edward Lowbury joined the RAMC on the outbreak of war and served in Africa. After the war he continued to write poetry while working as a doctor and researcher. He held the post of head of the microbiology department at the MRC burns unit at Birmingham Accident Hospital for thirty years.

Selected Works

Selected and New Poems 1935-1989
Published by Hippopotamus Press (1990)
ISBN: 0904179494 (paperback)

Poetry and paradox
Published by Keepsake Press (1976)
ISBN: 0901924407 (paperback)

Thomas Campion
Published by Chatto & Windus (1970)
ISBN: 0701114770 (hardback)

Published by Daedalus Press (1977)
ISBN: 0950001546 (unknown)

To Shirk No Idleness
A critical biography of the poet Andrew Young
Published by International Specialized Book Services (1998)
ISBN: 3705201255 (paperback)

Mystic Bridge
Published by Hippopotamus Press (1997)
ISBN: 0904179613 (paperback)

An Anthology of Poems by Doctor Poets
Published by Keynes Press (1990)
ISBN: 0727902962 (hardback)