Olivia Fitzroy

1921 - 1969

Olivia Fitzroy was born in 1921, the daughter of Viscount Daventry. She was educated by a governess and from early childhood she wrote prolifically. She worked in a London store at the beginning of the war, and her first book, "Orders to Poach", was published by Collins in 1942. She joined up and became a WNRS fighter direction officer at Yeovilton. In 1944, she was posted to Ceylon. Her fighter pilot boyfriend was killed near Singapore in early 1945, and a close friend in the WNRS died in a car accident a little later. After the war, she travelled with Chipperfield's Circus while researching her book "Wagons and Horses". She subsequently rented a croft in the Highlands of Scotland, where she lived for five years. She died on 24th November 1969.

Selected Works

Orders to Poach
Published by Fidra Books (2006)
ISBN: 978-0955191022 (paperback)

Steer by the Stars
Published by Fidra Books (2007)
ISBN: 978-1906123000 (paperback)

The House in the Hills
Published by Fidra Books (2009)
ISBN: 978-1906123185 (paperback)