Malaria Mozzie

N.T. Morris

Malaria Mozzie,
Tenuous, hairy,
Flit on the water,
Light as a fairy.
Locked in the bottle,
Flimsy, mysterious.
Deadly anopheles
Mozzie malarious.
    Sing a song of mozzie nets, of pills and mepacrine,
    Bells a-ringing in the ear from boosting with quinine.
    Spray the tents with flysol, face and hands well greased.   
    What an awful lot of dope to thwart the little beast.
Bred in the waterways,
Starting life's little term,
Biting the native folk,
Getting the deadly germ.
Hiding in huts by day.
Nightly on prowl they go;
Noiseless they soldiers bite.
Laying an army low.
    Sing a song of shivering of going hot and cold;
    Of temperatures that jump about, of feelng tired and old,
    Sick parade at six o'clock; sweating, yet you're froze,
    Go and pack your small kit up and off the blood-box goes.
From Oasis into Italy -- Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd (1983)

Norman T. Morris born in 1912, Cheshire. Lancaster Royal Grammar School. Teacher. Enlisted September 1940. 50th Royal Tank Regiment, Western Desert. Sicily, Italy and Greece. Post-war, Headmaster for 30 years. College lecturer.