Kevin McHale

Butman, founder of Melbourne, is quoted as saying, as he looked at the Yarra Yarra river: 'This is the place for a village'.

If you stand beside the Tiber
Where it splashes on the rocks
You can feel the ancient history
Come soaking through your socks
But I'm no man to give a damn
For others' rape and pillage
The bloody muddy Yarra is
The place I'd build my 'village'.
Have you seen the Coliseum
Where the plebs would get a treat
Watching hungry bloody Christians
Being given lions to eat?
But for me the Melbourne Cricket Ground
Is calling calling calling
With all those blokes from Pommieland
Their bloody wickets falling.
The plains of bloody Lombardy
We're led to understand
Are famous for their poplar trees
So tall and straight and grand
That's dinkum for the Ities
The tree for me, old chum,
A dirty great big sticky
Aussie eucalyptus gum.
There's quite a lot of beautiful
Ragazzas here in Rome
Attractive till they start to talk
Just like the birds at home
I dunno what they're saying
And I do not bloody care
I guess a sheila is a sheila
Any bloody where.
From Oasis into Italy -- Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd (1983)