Friends gone

Ian Fletcher

Philip's slim half-forgotten hand-writing
And Donald courting death like a girl
And Tony when drunk finding God exciting
And Peter whose courtship was too successful
Falling down in a locket of fire;
And Kenneth with his sinister metaphysic;
Jack Gregory loving his gun and his beer
With one or two others out of the wreck
Fashioning some vivid life of their own.
Now what I remember, what runs quick
Round the heart is this much alone:
Some found that death was too lovely, or
Some were bent on trying to believe it so,
Some merely stayed away, uncalled for:
Their time was shortest, having nowhere to go.

Ian Fletcher (1920-1988) was born in London. Professor of English, Arizona University, USA and had formerly taught at Reading University. Served in the Middle East, including Sudan. One of the four Editors of From Oasis Into Italy.

From Oasis into Italy -- Shepheard-Walwyn Ltd (1983)